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Pacific Coast Clam Chowder Chow-Down!

We were not hungry. We had both just eaten grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream desserts at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. We were ready to get back on the road, but something beckoned to me across the highway. It was these words, printed in bold red on yellow: "BEST CLAM CHOWDER ON THE COAST". I wasn't even in the mood for clam chowder having just eaten a basket full of bread and cheese. But this wasn't about food. It was a challenge. A mission. A journey. Not just to chow on their chowder, and take their chowderheaded word for it. But to shell out the clams as we cruise down the coast to try every damn boastful clam chowder restaurant...

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Driving is Hard

  If you are driving a car made in the last twenty years you probably disagree with this blog title. However,  if you are driving a nearly forty year old VW bus through winding roads and pitch black Redwood forests, you get me. Difficulties aside, we put some pretty good mileage on Heidi yesterday and I really can't complain about her performance. We learned how to use the heater(yay!) and which town in Humboldt County should be avoided(Garberville). All in all a pretty productive day on the road that resulted in some beautiful forest and coastal vistas. XX Logan

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A Bus Story

  In case you haven't been following our Instagram account you may have missed that we've been restoring a 1978 VW bus for the last six months. It's been exciting and challenging and a completely new world for us here at HQ.  Now that the restoration has finished, we are embarking on a road-trip down the Oregon coast all the way to Malibu in Southern California. We are really thrilled to be able to spend a few days driving through one of the most beautiful parts of the country and can't wait to share some of our favorite spots! We will be documenting our trip here and through our Instagram account, so check back for gorgeous coast pics and musings...

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